Maloja Pushbikers

A bavaria based cycling team, including maloja pushibikers, UCI Continental Team WSA pushbikers, maloja-pushibiker-future, maloja-pushibiker-fem.

“All products are really good but the d-Cage is something special for us, because we never lost a bottle with it. This is really important for racing and a record for us. Also the bar tapes are a highlight, because they are easy to wrap, easy to clean and they have got a good lifetime. It makes a tight connection from the riders hands tho the handlebar. Since we are using GUEE bar tapes our connection and feeling for the bikes got much better. That makes us riding corners faster and more controlled.”

Team McDonalds Down Under

is a UCI Continental team founded in 2018 that is based in Australia, gaining UCI Continental status in the same year.

Daniela Saemmler

Woman champion of 2018 Challenge Roth

“My favourite GUEE product is the GUEE silicone handlebar tape.It is light, soft, has got a very good to grip and it fits perfectly with my Canyon timetrial and training bike – not only the colour, but also the function.”

Heaven and Hell Cycle Club

Riding with fixies around europe, being nice rock stars on the bike. That is the style of the Heaven and Hell Cycle Club. 

“We as fixed gear riders prefer the Sio Dura bar tape. Because of just one gear you have to pull sometimes very hard uphills on the handlebar and there is no movement of the bar tape. It just stick to the Handlebar as hell. And of course it is very comfortable”

Florian Gamper

is a semi-professional road racing cyclist from Austria, currently riding for Tirol Cycling Team

On the bike I want to go fast, but I also want to look good. Thats why my favourite product from GUEE ist he SL Dual Bartape. As you can choose from a lot of different colors I was always able to match it with my bike‘s color. And as bonus the bartape is very high tech too which made it even easier for me to choose the richt tape over the years.

Mario Gamper

UCI continental rider currently riding for Tirol Cycling team

As GUEE has a huge and very good product spectrum it’s hard to choose my favorite one, but for me as a young athlete it’s important to keep safe throughout those long trainings. The most used and liked ones for me are the G-MOUNT and Aero XK.  This combination makes you visible 360° in any conditions even if it’s night.

Gary Liang

Amateur Triathlon Rider

2017 IRONMAN Taiwan Panghu 140.6 8rd

2018 Challenge Taiwan 70.3 3rd

The excellent SL One tape quality allowed me to feel no discomfort even without gloves! I really like this product.

Martin Weiss

Passionated cycling enthusiast, living on the “ride” side of life.

“I first got in touch with GUEE products at the tour d’alsace in france 2015. Saw another rider there, using the Sio bar tape, touched it and immediately knew that i wanted to try this product. Since that i got convinced by the smart and simple bikeparts from GUEE. Can’t define one favorite product, because all products i ever used are great in their own way!”

Thomas Metz

Overnight rider from Stuttgart

“The GUEE SL Dual bar tape is my totally favorite! The best bar tape i ever rode! Super comfy, soft and grippy, it’s a pleasure if it’s warm enough that i can ride without gloves!”

Titan Chang

Amateur cyclist & Photographer

“I usually ride bicycles in the early morning or at night, so the bike lights are very important to me!GUEE Sol300se & Aero_X provides the safest identification so that I can enjoy my ride with peace of mind.”