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Privacy Policy


Your online safety is seriouslyprotected by GUEE-INTL.COM. To provide you with the best products,comprehensive customer service, and timely updates, a variety of informationfrom your visit to our site is collected. In order to better protect your privacy,we offer you with the policy below explaining our online information practicesand the choices you can make about the way your information is collected andused.


GUEE-INTL.COM's Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains:

·       How we collect, use, and (under certain conditions) disclose yourpersonal information.

·       The steps we have taken to secure your personal information.

·       Your options regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of yourpersonal information.


This Privacy Policy applies only tothis website and does not necessarily apply to personal information we collectfrom you offline. Please see the section on Offline Collection, Use &Disclosure of Information details. We are not responsible for the content orprivacy practices on any website other than GUEE-INTL.COM to which this sitelinks or that links to this site.


By Visiting Our Site, You Accept ThePractices Described in This Policy.


How does GUEE-INTL.COM collectinformation about me?

We collect information from site users in several differentways, with the goal of providing an efficient, meaningful, and customizedshopping experience. For example, we can use your personal information to:

  • Record and quickly bring up information you havegiven previously.
  • Help you quickly find information, products, andservices.
  • Create content that is relevant to you.
  • Alert you of our new information, products, andservices.


Registration and Ordering:

In order to use certain parts of this site or orderproducts, all customers must fill out an online registration form with personalinformation, including but not limited to, your name, shipping and billingaddress(es), phone number, email address, and credit card number. In addition,we may ask for your country of residence and/or your organization's country ofoperation, so that we can comply with applicable laws and regulations. Thisinformation is used for billing, order processing and internal marketing aswell as to communicate with you about your order and our site.


Email Addresses:

Several locations on the site allow you to enter youremail address for purposes including but not limited to: registering for freepromotional notices, requesting notification when new products arrive, orsigning up for our email newsletter. In addition, any participation inpromotional contests organized by GUEE-INTL.COM is completely voluntary andrequires disclosure of contact information needed to notify winners and awardprizes. We may post the names, cities, and countries of contest winners on oursite or our social media sites.


Log Files:

Like most websites, the site server automaticallyrecognizes the internet URL from which you access this site. We may also logyour internet protocol (IP) address, internet service provider (ISP), anddate/time stamp for system administration, order verification, internalmarketing and system troubleshooting purposes. An IP address may indicate thelocation of your computer on the Internet.


Product Reviews:

We ask for an email address and location along withthe submission of all product reviews. Your email address will be kept private,but your location will be visible to other users. All other personalinformation that you choose to submit as part of the review will be availableto other visitors to the site.


How does GUEE-INTL.COM use cookiesand other technology to collect information?

Cookies are small pieces of information that your internetbrowser stores as text files on your computer's hard drive. Most browsersaccept cookies by default, but setting your browser to refuse cookies or removethem from your hard drive may prevent you from using parts of this site.GUEE-INTL.COM uses cookies to: 

·       Speedup navigation.

·       Tracksite usage.

·       Recognizeusers and user access privileges.

·       Enableselection and purchase products on this site.

·       Recordyour browsing activity and purchases.


This site's cookies do not and cannot infiltrate auser’s hard drive to gather any confidential information.


This Site also uses web beacons (also known as clearGIF technology or "action tags") to: 

·       Helpdeliver cookies.

·       Trackviews of a web page.


Any electronic image on the site, such as an adbanner, can function as a web beacon. We may use content or ads fromthird-party advertising companies that may use cookies and web beacons tomeasure web page visits or amount of products purchased.


Any information these third parties collect viacookies and web beacons is not linked to any personal information we collect.


How does GUEE-INTL.COM use mypersonal information?

Internal Use:

We use your personal information to process your orderand provide you with customer service. We may use your personal informationinternally to collect general information about visitors to this site, improvesite content and layout, improve our outreach, and market our services andproducts.


Communication With You:

We will use your personal information to communicatewith you about our site and your orders. All customers must provide an emailaddress to allow communication with GUEE-INTL.COM regarding orders placed. Wemay send you a confirmation email after you register with us as well asservice-related announcements as necessary (for example, temporary suspensionof service for maintenance.) You may also submit your email address to requestnotification when we receive a new brand, product style or product, or to signup for our email newsletter and special offers. You can unsubscribe or opt outof future emails at any time (see the opt out/corrections section below formore details).


Does GUEE-INTL.COM ever give out mypersonal information?

We sell merchandise, not information — We donot sell, rent, trade, license, or otherwise disclose your personal orfinancial information to anyone, except in the following specific situations:


Third-Party Service Providers:

Like most online retailers, we sometimes usethird-party service providers to perform specific functions on our behalf. Anyinformation disclosed to them is solely to help in their provision of service.For example, we provide your name, shipping address, email and phone number topartners such as DHL and FedEx in order to guarantee delivery of your orders,and we may use relevant customer information in order to monitor the quality ofthe third party’s service.


Legal Requirement To Disclose Information:

We may be required to disclose information ifsubpoenaed, served with a court order or requested by law-enforcement officialsconducting investigations, or if we are otherwise required by law to disclosesuch information. We will also release personal information when necessary toprotect our legal rights or enforce our Terms of Use and other agreements. Forexample, we may share information to reduce the risk of fraud, or to preventfraud by users who attempt fraud or other illegal activity on our site.


Merger And / Or Sale Of Assets:

We do not normally sell, trade or rent personalinformation to other companies in the course of our business. However, it ispossible that we might acquire, merge with or be acquired by another company,or that we might dispose of some or all of our assets, in which case yourpersonal information could be disclosed to another company, subject to thePrivacy Policy in effect.


Non-Personally Identifiable Information:

We may share information that does not identify you orany user, such as the number of daily visitors to a particular page, or thesize of an order placed on a certain date, with third parties such asadvertising partners.


How does GUEE-INTL.COM secureinformation collected about me?

This site incorporates physical, electronic, andadministrative procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of your personalinformation, such as: 

·       Safeguardingall financial transactions done through this site with Secure Sockets Layer("SSL") encryption. 

·       Grantingonly employees who are providing a specific service access to your personalinformation. 

·       Workingonly with third-party service providers who we believe adequately secure allcomputer hardware.


While our business is designed with safeguarding yourpersonal information in mind, please remember that 100% security does notpresently exist anywhere, online or offline.


What choices do I have regardingGUEE-INTL.COM’s collection of my information?

You can choose to: 

·       Corrector update your personal information. 

·       Stopreceiving mail to your email address. 

·       Disableyour account to prevent any future purchases through that account.


To correct or update your personal information, log in to My Accounts and submit a request through theonline Customer Service.


To Unsubscribe From Emails you receive from GUEE-INTL.COM, follow theunsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and select the option appropriatefor you.


Are children allowed to useGUEE-INTL.COM?

We respect children's privacy. We do not knowingly orintentionally collect personal information from children. Elsewhere on thissite, you have represented and warranted that you are either 18 years of age orare using the site with the supervision of a parent or guardian. If you areunder the age of 18, please do not submit any personal information to us, andrely on a parent or guardian to assist you when using the site.


How does GUEE-INTL.COM use anddisclose information collected from me offline?

As GUEE-INTL.COM collects most information through oursite, this Privacy Policy applies only to online collection of personalinformation.


We also protect all personal information that iscollected from you offline, such as through phone calls. If we contact you bytelephone regarding an order or payment, we will ask only for the personalinformation needed to place your order or resolve your issue. When we need tostore information related to an order, we enter it into our database throughSSL encryption (See the Data Security section above for more information).


This Policy does not attempt to cover all possibleoffline methods of collecting or using personal information, however, we willtreat any offline collection, use, or disclosure of personal information in amanner consistent with our online practices.


What’s your policy for Facebookconnect?

You may provide personal information (e.g. your publicprofile, friends list, email address) to GUEE-INTL.COM by connecting your Facebookaccount with GUEE INTERNATIONAL. We may also ask for other information at othertimes but at no time will you be required to share any personal information togain complete access to our site. By no means will we post on your behalfwithout your permission. 100% safety is guaranteed when connecting yourFacebook account with GUEE INTERNATIONAL.


Where can I find updates to thispolicy?

To keep you informed of what information we collect,use, and disclose, we will post any changes or updates to this Privacy Policyon this site and encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time.Please contact us with any questions about the Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on 07/18/2016